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Massage therapy can be simple or complex, depending on the presenting symptoms. My first rule is ‘listen to the client’ and then work to bring release and pain relief to the various muscle groups involved. Here I present a small sampling of the techniques and areas I work with regularly.

Medical Massage Therapy

I do all protocols of Neuromuscular Trigger Point Therapy, Deep tissue massage, Cross Fiber Sports Massage and Medical Massage techniques.

This is generally done in a 3 phase system:

  • Phase 1: Pain relief using Trigger Point Therapy
  • Phase 2: Tissue Restoration using Medical Massage techniques
  • Phase 3: Maintenance with Deep Tissue and Sports Massage
Keith Gray Online
Keith Gray Online

My Specialties

  • Medical massage.
  • Post-surgery chronic pain neuromuscular therapy.
  • Recovery massage for injuries.