My Journey in Medical Massage

Keith Gray

Early Life

I graduated from the Atlanta School of Massage in 1989. After that, I went ahead and received my neuromuscular therapy training in 1991. Medical massage became my prime area of focus as I started private practice in 1991. Before that, I was working as a staff massage therapist in a local health club.

The Therapy Life

I see a wide range of people every day. I attend to clients like pro athletes, local active people with injuries, people suffering from chronic pain and surgical pains, and other clients who need to destress after their busy schedules. I also perform sports massages at athletic training and other such events like marathons and Ironman triathlons.

My Methods of Treatment

I use skills related to neuromuscular trigger point therapy for clients with various chronic pain patterns due to disease or surgery. I use deep tissue therapy for distressing clients with simple spasm or headaches. These are the actual crunchy or concrete areas, and I call them ropey.

I developed my unique style over the 26 years I have practiced. This includes engaging the pain or dysfunction directly with ischemic pressure, deep fractioning, and breaking down adhesion patterns and spasm.

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My Achievements

My Achievements

  • Best Physical Therapist in Atlanta for Physical Therapy treatment and services in 2015.
  • Verified by
  • Georgia Licensed Massage Therapist # MT 002272.
  • Certified in deep tissue and all protocols of neuromuscular therapy and sports massage.
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Personal Life

I married my wife Summer in the sizzling summer of 1992. My life has been fantastic after that. My wife and I have three boys, Andrew, Ben, and Will. We live in Peachtree Corners and are members of Perimeter Church.