pepperI am a 1989 graduate of the Atlanta School of Massage.  I recieved my Neuromuscular Therapy training in 1991. Medical massage became my prime area of focus as I went into private practice in 1991, leaving a local health club as a staff massage therapist. I see a wide range of people from pro athletes and local active people with injuries, as well as people suffering from chronic pain or pain from surgeries, to clients needing to destress from busy schedules.  I perform sports massage for athletes training for events such as marathons or ironman triathelons.  I use skills related to Neuromuscular Trigger Point therapy for clients with various chronic pain patterns due to disease or surgery.  I use Deep Tissue therapy for destressing clients with simple spasm or headaches.

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As most therapists do, I developed my own unique style over the 26 years I have practiced.  This includes engaging the pain or dysfunction directly with ischemic pressure, deep frictioning, and breaking down adhesion patterns and spasm.  These I call ropey, crunchy or concrete areas. I am a Georgia Licensed Massage Therapist # MT 002272.  I am certified in Deep Tissue, and all protocalls of Neuromuscular Therapy and Sports Massage.  I married Summer in the summer of 1992, and we have 3 boys Andrew, Ben, and Will.  We live in  Peachtree Corners, and are members of Perimeter Church.

Why Massage:   Pain and stress affect muscles directly, making tight spots and shortening and compressing the structures.  This tightening brings on more pain on movement.  Circulation to the tight areas drops off, cutting off supply of vital oxygen and nutrients.  The pressing and kneading action of Massage reintroduces blood flow to constricted areas, reversing the process bringing relaxation and lengthening to the muscles, and realignment to the joints.

Why  Me:   Experience, Caring attention, and Strength

24 years experience working with clients from all phases of life.  I have a working understanding of the interaction of nerves and muscles,  called trigger points.  Neutralizing active trigger points is the key element in clearing refferred pain patterns.  Then Massaging an area will release the tight muscle.  Tendons and Ligaments respond to a different approach.  I friction these areas to clear chronic inflamation, and use medicated gels to cool the fire.  I work with all ages, children to elderly, and all activity levels, from beginner to pro-athlete. I care for your well being, and I allow for boundaries in the treatment. I am not afraid of refferring to a Doctor if needed, and I know many good specialists. I combine strength with knowledge of anatomy to gain effective pressure on muscles and ligaments, never going beyond the comfort zone.  I can apply much pressure when necessary.   I am accessible, located in Buckhead close to I-85, I-75, 400, and Peachtree. Make an appointment!

Why Now:  I have seen people who report taking pain medication for years, yet the pain comes back over and over.  Often a body will just stop feeling that area, yet when I touch it, the pain is still there.  Over time the muscle dies due to the constriction on circulation.   Your body works hard for you, now is the time to give  back to your body.