Somnia Sleep Systems

Somnia is committed to positive change; after a stressful, monotonous day we offer you a sleep system with optimal conditions for weightless relaxation and rejuvenation while you sleep, to achieve healthy balance in your life.

Somnia Sleep Systems offer:

  • Precise body modeling individually to your needs for an optimal positioning.
  • Perfect load deflection for your body, reducing pressure on your weighted joints while offering compliance and yield for localized support.
  • Nanotechnology with an open cell structure effectively transports 70% of the body moisture produced through perspiration while you sleep and offers a dry sleeping environment.
  • Improved quality of sleep is increased through the reduced frequency of turning by up to 65%, improving the rapid eye movement phase.
  • Optional Compression Load characteristics based on body weight – suitable for <100kg (220lbs) or >100 kg (220lbs)
  • 10 year guarantee for the physical composition of our sleep system
  • Can be supplied to any size specifications

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