I felt compelled to contribute this review on behalf of Keith Gray, LMT, a licensed massage therapist in the Atlanta metro area. Stated bluntly, if it were not for the skills of Mr. Gray, I would not have been able to attend an immensely important job interview scheduled for only 6 days later in New York City. For nearly three weeks, I had been unable to stand or walk without extreme agony due to unremitting spasms of both left and right gluteus medius muscles, a common cause of sciatica. In addition to localized gluteus pain, I was experiencing severe pain in my right thigh and calf muscles that was referred from the gluteus medius. Three weeks of high dosage anti-inflammatory medications and extended bed rest had not provided significant relief. I called Keith in desperation only days before the job interview and after only 3 sessions (where Mr. Gray focused on specific gluteus medius trigger points) I experienced nearly total relief from the aforementioned pain and spasms. In fact, I could stand and walk nearly pain-free – almost as if the episode had never occurred. I traveled by air to the interview and was able to perform well enough after reaching my destination to land the job – CEO of a global company. Quite candidly, I would not have thought it possible to experience this degree of relief with only three 1-hour massage sessions. Keith’s 20-year experience as a licensed therapist allowed him to immediately diagnose the underlying cause of my symptoms and then apply deep massage and stretching to two trigger points that were the root cause of my problem. Without hesitation, I recommend Mr. Gray’s services for treatment of similar soft tissue and muscle conditions. He has the knowledge and he has the experience to get you moving fast.

 Frank D Morrow

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  1. Toya Smith says:

    Just for the record, I am someone who NEVER write reviews! However, I too felt compelled to share my experience.

    I am a crossfitter, and those of you who are familiar with crossfit know what we put our bodies through. I have experienced low back pain for over a year and recently vastus lateralis pain. I have seen several chiropractors and massage therapists and every time I left those offices, I still felt the need to seek other therapy.

    I found Keith sometime ago on the internet and contemplated seeing him because IMO thought he was a little pricey. However, after previous failed treatments, I felt the need to contact him.

    Well, I can honestly say that I have found someone who has helped fix my problem. Keith performed neuromuscular trigger point therapy on my back, hips, glutes, quads and hamstrings and boy I had trigger points all over!

    Truthfully, I waited until the next morning to write this review, just so that I can be accurate with how I am really feeling. The results are, no lower back pain and I can sit and stand without having to brace myself. A little sore, which is expected…but I am thankful for immediate results.

    Over time, our bodies get out of whack from the many changes and challenges we put it through, therefore; I will continue to have spinal manipulation treatments.

    Granted, I have never had any major injuries or accidents, but if you seeking other treatments to relieve pain, I highly recommend Keith Gray’s neuromuscular trigger point therapy for immediate relief.

    – A crossfitter

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