Types of Therapies

Massage Therapy can be simple or complex depending on the presenting symptoms. My first rule is “Listen to the Client”. Then work to bring release and pain relief for the various muscle groups involved. Here I present a small sampling of the techniques and areas I work with on a regular basis.

Thanks to Lel King for modeling the therapies.
Lele King LPC, RYT
Lele is a registered yoga teacher and licensed professional counselor for adolescents and adults. She is a triathlete and completed the Louisville Ironman in 2011. Lele offers private yoga sessions to people of all ages. In her counseling practice, Lele takes a solution-focused approach to help individuals identify and reach their goals, emphasizing the connection between lifestyle habits and overall wellbeing. For more information, email Lele at lelekingcounseling@yahoo.com

General Sports performance Massage.  Pre or post competition I help condition muscles to peak performance, and if neccesary clear out spasm or scarring.



Low back pain.  Very common condition which can become Sciatica if left untreated.  Neuromuscular Trigger Point Therapy is called for in this case for the lumbar spine and hip areas to release.


Stiff neck Headaches  Chronic stress or whiplash from a car crash will debillitate the complex neck muscles.  Here I work Trigger Points in the upper back, shoulders, and neck for regaining normal range of motion.  Further complications includ headaches and arm numbness.  In that case I work the upper posterior neck and head as well as the front of the neck.



TMJ.  Jaw popping and grinding can lead to permanent breakdown of the jaw joint next to the ear.  I release the jaw muscles which can return normal movement to the joint.  Many times a dental exam is required.


General Back release.  Stress and strain on the muscles which support the spine is ever present, due to gravity.  Work here is great maintainence to promote overall health.


Foot and Plantar Faciaitis.  The foot begins just below the knee.  If a client comes in with any foot problem I start with releasing the calf and shin muscles, then go on to the arches of the feet. Working the calves can stop Plantar Faciaitis before it can become chronic.



Hands, arms, rotator cuff, shoulder.  Rotator cuff pain is universal and leads to shoulder and arm pain refferal.


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    I am contacting you to find out if you have experience with vertigo, and the epley manuever. My husband has been dealing with vertigo for several months. I am a believer in NMT . It has done wonders for me. If you are not familiar with the Epley perhaps you could direct us to someone who could help. Thank you.

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